eChem in a Box

Interested in teaching electrochemistry in your analytical or inorganic chemistry course?
24 Jun 2018
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Discovery Hall - Frontier

eChem in a Box

Last spring, Pine Research launched EChem in a Box an all in one solution to learning and incorporating electrochemistry into your analytical, inorganic, or even environmental chemistry curriculum.

Echem in a Box was developed based on a great deal of feedback we have received regarding the challenges to incorporating experimental electrochemistry into undergraduate chemistry curriculum. In short, EChem in a Box contains all the instrumentation and electrodes necessary to perform electrochemical laboratories in a variety of courses. An instructional resource guide, written for instructors of any background, is also included. A USB flash drive comes with the box, which includes Word versions of the laboratory exercises included in the box. A video series is also on the flash drive, to accompany the book and laboratory exercises. With EChem in a Box, we hope to lower the barrier to implanting timely electrochemical lab experiences into the curriculum.

In this workshop we will go over some of the fundamental concepts of electrochemistry that is covered in the educators guide. We will also perform a short hands-on lab using our WaveNow potentiostat with our screen-printed electrodes. The last part of the workshop will be a discussion about how to incorporate EChem in a Box into your curriculum and address any questions you have with electrochemistry.

Attending the workshop is completely free! All you need to bring is a PC laptop computer with a USB port.

Registration will be available soon.