Welcome NORM2018 Vendors!

Connect with our vendors at the NORM 2018 Exhibition in PNNL's Discovery Hall (map below)

Thank you to our NORM2018 vendors — we are sold out!

Commercial Exhibitor

Conference registration for two

High traffic expo area

Inclusion in meeting program

Literature only option: $250

Nonprofit/Academic Exhibitor

Conference registration for two

High traffic expo area

Inclusion in meeting program

Literature only option: $100

Innovation Fair Exhibitor


Conference registration for one

Expo sponsorship from ecosVC

Inclusion in meeting program


NORM 2018 is a great way for you to reinforce connections with your customer base.

The exposition will be in a high traffic area at the heart of lunch and refreshment breaks, as well as poster sessions, ensuring a steady stream of attendees at your booth.  Details on registration fees, deadlines, and booth information are on the Exhibitor Application Forms:

For more information, contact:

Bernie Carlsen
NORM 2018 Expo Chair

Discovery Hall Layout

(Click to download)

  1. HORIBA Scientific
  2. Anasazi Instruments, Inc.
  3. Quark Glass
  4. JEOL USA Inc
  5. TCI-America
  6. IKA Works, Inc
  7. Advion
  8. Welch Vacuum
  9. Vernier Software & Technology
  10. NORM2019-ACS Portland Section
  11. Rigaku Corporation
  12. Oakwood Chemical
  13. Agilent Technologies
  1. Macherey-Nagel
  2. MicroLAB Inc
  3. Gamry Instruments
  4. ACS Store
  5. ACS Store
  6. Knewton
  7. nexTC Corp.
  8. ecosVC, Inc.
  9. ACS – Division Sponsors
  10. PNNL
  11. Teledyne ISCO
  12. University of Pennsylvania

Notes and Regulations

  • Set-up of exhibits can begin at 12 noon on Sunday, June 24.
  • Take-down will be after 4 pm on Tuesday, June 26
  • The exhibition hall will be open:
    • Sunday, June 24, 4 pm to 8 pm
    • Monday, June 25, 8 am to 5 pm
    • Tuesday, June 26, 8 am to 4pm
  • Security will be provided when the exhibition is not in session.
  • Exhibitors will be listed on the NORM 2018 website and in the program book for the meeting.  The website will include corporate descriptions and corporate or academic website links if provided.
  • Reservations accepted in priority of payment receipt date, and on a space-available basis.  An exhibitor must give notice of withdrawal at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of NORM 2017 in order to receive a refund of the exhibitor fee.

Advertisement Description and Release

For the benefit of promotion and publicity, you (the vendor) authorize NORM 2018 to use the submitted description of the products and/or services to be exhibited.  The Exposition Chair reserves the right to edit for style.