Collaborating Across Boundaries

An ACS Career Workshop
24 Jun 2018
12:00 pm

Collaborating Across Boundaries

4-hour Facilitated Course

Some of the greatest achievements in science, medicine, the arts, and business have been the result of collaboration among groups of people who shared their resources, their visions, and their expertise to produce unique, innovative products and solutions to problems. Without collaboration, the potential power of sharing ideas and information is lost. Now more than ever, collaboration is the way we need to work – in teams and in larger organizations as well.

This workshop will provide leaders and professionals with strategies and tools they need to make collaboration across organizational boundaries both more productive and more rewarding. Leaders and individuals in professional environments, research and education, and within the Society need to be able to collaborate effectively with scientists, teams, and leaders to accomplish their objectives.

Key Topics

  • Developing common goals
  • Ensuring equity between what individuals and groups bring and what they gain from the effort
  • Gaining commitment from individuals and groups
  • Establishing trust and resolving conflict