Day 1
24 Jun 2018

eChem in a Box

EChem in a Box contains all the instrumentation and electrodes necessary to perform electrochemical laboratories in a variety of courses. An instructional resource guide, written for instructors of any background, is also included.

Pre-College Teacher Track

Calling all chemistry-related educators! The Richland Section of the American Chemical Society is pleased to announce the Pre-College Teacher Track, to be held on the campus of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. While most sessions are geared towards high school and middle-school educators, any K-12 educator with an interest in chemistry is welcome to attend.

ACS Careers: Finding Your Pathway

A program dedicated to helping budding and career chemists navigate their careers

Advocating for Science: How to talk to your elected officials

The ACS Chemistry Advocacy Workshops are designed to train ACS members with the information and tools necessary to advocate for chemistry policy at the federal, state, and local level. ACS hosts these workshops at national and regional meetings. The workshops bring interested members, veteran ACS advocates, and staff together to discuss best practices for engaging with federal and state lawmakers and delivers mock-meetings to put knowledge into practice.

ACS Careers: Resume Reviews/Interview Skills

Looking for your first job? Making a career transition? Creating a new resume or honing your interviewing skills? The ACS online Career Consultant Program (CCP) offers personalized consulting to help you succeed, wherever you may be in your career.